Troubleshooting: Bluetooth connection

  1. Remove metal objects or reduce the amount of metal to a minimum near the Bluetooth device and the NeXus as much as possible. The Bluetooth signal gets reduced by metal. We not recommend to use laptops with metal housing when using the internal Bluetooth;

  2. As stated at no. 1: remove (metal) obstructions that may block the path of the Bluetooth device's signal;

  3. Create a free line of sight between the NeXus and the computer;

  4. The maximum distance between the NeXus and the computer is 10 meters;

  5. No other Bluetooth devices near the equipment;

  6. No other wireless devices near the equipment (transmitting signals such as Bluetooth, wifi, FM, etc.) or placed as far away as possible from the equipment;

  7. When using a laptop, use it with the battery (disconnect the charger/power supply from the laptop as well as from the wall outlet).
Creation date: 10/12/2016 11:44 AM     Updated: 11/15/2017 3:51 PM