Installation: install a new copy or an update

Download the most recent version of BioTrace+ from our website for free.

Make sure to download the correct file. Choose the applicable...

  • Type of NeXus: 4, 10 or 32;

  • Language: English (EN); English, located in the USA (US); German (DE);

  • Full Installation or Update.*1

*1 For a new copy/installation, install the Full Installation in a new folder.
When an older version of BioTrace+ is already installed on the same computer, open only one version at a time (not both at the same time)!

To update a current installation, install the Update.
All 'old'/existing contents (recorded sessions, screens, channel sets, protocols, etc.) remain available after updating BioTrace+.

Older software versions can be downloaded at request. Contact Mind Media Support for more information.
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